THE EARSPLIT COMPOUND continues to infiltrate the populous with quality non-mainstream music through its three subdivided branches of public propaganda — EARSPLIT PR, THE COMPOUND RECS, and EARSPLIT DISTRO — and here declares the latest actions on behalf of its label and mailorder sects for the first quarter of 2015. THE COMPOUND RECS methodically plots the deployment of new works from across the musical underworld through cult label sub-faction, THE COMPOUND RECS, including the new collaboration from GODHUNTER & AMIGO THE DEVIL, the impending vinyl version of Break The Clasp from LAE, and much more. New and exclusive wares are also now available through EARSPLIT DISTRO, including preorders for the second collaborative LP from WINO & CONNY OCHS, as the only US outlet to purchase the vinyl edition of the album.


Out as of Valentine’s Day is the new collaborative release from political sludge faction, GODHUNTER, and banjo-attacking murderfolk soloist, AMIGO THE DEVIL, a succinct but imposing two-song release capturing both bands in an entirely new approach. GODHUNTER & AMIGO THE DEVIL PRESENTS: The Outer Dark leads off with a barren hymn, “Weeping Willow,” wrought with both beauty and sadness, ill-omened from the start. The video for the track, created by Frank Huang (Metal Injection’s Pit Full Of Shit), was recently premiered at popular rock underworld portal, The Obelisk RIGHT HERE. On the B-Side, a stark rendition of Nirvana’s iconic ballad, “Something In The Way” pays homage to the already bleak anthem, painted with the foreboding, southwestern Americana vibe of the collaboration, which was released in conjunction with GODHUNTER’s Battleground Records. Stream the entire 7” HERE.


Following its CD and digital release in November, Break The Clasp, from Montreal-based post-rock/hardcore outfit LAE — featuring lead vocalist Steve Austin from Today Is The Day — is now being constructed in its prime, intended format, with the vinyl edition now in the production process. With nearly fifty-three minutes of unearthly, heartbreaking, psychedelic audio artistry delivered in four segments — Life, Hope, Love, Death — fans of Three Mile Pilot, Pink Floyd, Swans, Sonic Youth, Unwound, Slint, Shellac, early Today Is The Day and more will be instantly hooked. Having restructured their original lineup and works forged in the Y2K era as LAE-TSU, this dynamic five-piece invited Steve Austin to produce the album, which landed him a seat as the band’s new lead vocalist. Recording in founding member Marc Ablasou’s wood shop, utilizing acoustic and electric guitars, trumpet, saws, organs, pianos, accordion and more to capture their debut full-length, Break The Clasp was captured on an arsenal of vintage analog equipment, mastered at Austin Enterprises and bearing artwork by Sonny Kay (The VSS, Angel Hair, Gold Standard Laboratories label). Break The Clasp is out now on all digital platforms as well as eco-friendly, 6-panel, spot-varnish digipak CD, and a massive 180-gram gatefold double-LP will be available this late Spring/early Summer. Two videos for the album are also in construction. Stream Break The Clasp in its entirety and order the CD/digital RIGHT HERE. Vinyl preorders coming mid-March.


And as the anxiously anticipated second collaborative LP from American doom metal legend and solo artist, SCOTT “WINO” WEINRICH, and iconic German singer/songwriter, CONNY OCHS, entitled Freedom Conspiracy nears late March release via Germany’s Exile On Mainstream, EARSPLIT DISTRO has just posted preorder links to both the CD and LP version. Not only is our depot the ONLY outlet in the US from which to order the vinyl version, but the first fifteen preorders of the LP will also receive a FREE copy of CONNY OCHSSuiciety 7”, with two new songs and an outtake from the Raw Love Songs sessions, initially released to accompany Ochs’ November tour in November 2014 European tour with labelmates, Kristian Harting and Friedemann, limited to 300 copies worldwide. Recorded at Kabumm Studio with producer Thommy Krawallo, as was their Heavy Kingdom LP, the newest collection of ambitious, harrowing and beautiful music created by WINO & CONNY OCHS not only brings forth the same quality of organically conceived folk/rock fans of the previous album should expect, it simply excels in every imaginable aspect. Freedom Conspiracy’s approach is slightly different from Heavy Kingdom as it has been created in a much more organic way with rudimentary ideas brought in by each and then carved into songs by both together. Fusing acoustic and electric guitars and with both artists’ standout vocal styles searing through these thirteen well-crafted brand new hymns, the album delivers forty-five minutes of some of the most refined, dynamic and unforgettable folk/rock music in years. Fans of Woodie Guthrie, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, The Black Crowes, Scott Kelly, Mike Scheidt and the like should make sure this duo is on your radar. Imported from Germany, the LP version of Freedom Conspiracy is pressed on 180-gram black vinyl in a reverse board sleeve with thermographic print and an extensive booklet, the CD packaged in a mini-gatefold with booklet and matt laminate varnish. Preorders can be placed in the US right HERE and internationally via Exile On Mainstream HERE.

Since the release of ENABLER’s Flies CDEP on Samhain 2013, EARSPLIT’s DIY label division, THE COMPOUND, has been responsible for GODHUNTER’s City Of Dust album and split GH/0ST:S LP with SECRETS OF THE SKY, COP PROBLEM’s Buried Beneath White Noise 7”, ENABLER’s La Fin Absolue Du Monde sophomore album (now released through Century Media for Europe), DIE CHOKING’s self-titled debut 7” and II follow-up 7”, the magnificent Break The Clasp debut album from LAE, featuring Steve Austin of Today Is The Day on lead vocals, and the recent collaborative GODHUNTER & AMIGO THE DEVIL 7”. Updates on future releases and endeavors are being prepped for broadcast in the coming days.

Also stay frosty with updates from EARSPLIT DISTRO as new stock from our cohorts at Eolian Empire, 20 Buck Spin, Supernatural Cat, Selfmadegod, Battleground Records, Indisiplinarian, Exile On Mainstream and more, with new titles from Ufomammut, Rabbits, Encoffination, Treedeon, Secret Cutter, Graves At Sea, Big Black Cloud, Deivos and tons more now joining the hundreds of other releases in our arsenal. Free stickers, pins mags or other random swag included in every order. We’ve also got an Ebay store HERE.




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It’s been a rotten dog’s age since our last label bulletin from THE COMPOUND and stock update from EARSPLIT DISTRO, so please grab provisions and party supplies and get ready for a nauseatingly awesome heap of physical product additions to our bunker.

New titles in stock from THE COMPOUND include the expansive split LP from doom metal boundary destroyers, GODHUNTER and SECRETS OF THE SKY, and the second blazing 7” from DIE CHOKING, as well as CD preorders for our most ambitious release yet, with the upcoming debut album from incredibly diverse post-rock quintet, LAE — featuring Steve Austin from Today Is The Day on lead vocals/production — with preorders for the digital and massive 2xLP version and other new label titles coming soon.

Newly added to the EARSPLIT DISTRO arsenal we have titles imported from Poland’s Selfmadegod Records — for which we are the official US mailorder distro outlet — including new albums from ENCOFFINATION, GRIDLINK, BRUTAL BLUES, CALM HATCHERY, PYRRHON, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE and the ANTIGAMA / THE KILL / NOISEAR 3-Way Split.

A massive resupply of UFOMAMMUT titles imported from Italy courtesy of the band’s label, Supernatural Cat were painstakingly bartered for, including the band’s brand new XV DVD, their second album, Snailking on CD, their third album, Lucifer Songs, on LP as well as CD/DVD combo, LP versions of the band’s recent double album ORO – Opus Primum & Opus Alter, as well as vinyl restocks of Eve LP and Idolum 2xLP.

Also just in, THE BODY & THOU’s Released From Love harrowing collaborative vinyl-only collaborative album, DRUNK DAD’s disgusting Ripper Killer debut LP, GREY SKIES FALLEN’s ominous The Many Sides Of Truth on CD and LP, PISS VORTEX’s grinding, demoralizing self-titled debut LP, SECRET CUTTER’s feedback/sludge-drenched debut LP and more.

Hundreds of other titles are available in the distro, and we’ll continue to amass a larger arsenal over the coming months. Stand by. Get dirty. Order. Free stickers, pins mags or other random swag included in every single order.

+ Label Updates +

GODHUNTER / SECRETS OF THE SKY – GH/0ST:S [LP] – On their 2014 Southwest US tour together, Tucson-based sludge metal bandits, GODHUNTER and Oakland’s cinematic doom outfit, SECRETS OF THE SKY, were selling a limited edition cassette version of a new split release entitled GH/0ST:S. On this combined effort, both bands showcase even further experimentation into each of their respective crafts, with forty minutes of material, including a crushing new opus from each band, as well as a haunting, thematic accompaniment bearing the “ghosts” theme. Through a joint effort between GODHUNTER’s Battleground Records and EARSPLIT’s label division, THE COMPOUND, GH/0ST:S is now available digitally as well as on a killer 180-gram black/white vinyl swirl LP including a download card, limited to three-hundred copies. [The Compound/Battleground] – $16 – ORDER

DIE CHOKING – II [7”] – Philadelphia’s demolition trio, DIE CHOKING, shoved their second EP of hyperactive, earthmoving grind/thrash down the world’s collective throat, with II. Comprised of members previously/currently hailing from other acts Total Fucking Destruction, Cop Problem, Burden and more, the band follows up their self-titled debut EP with another five tracks in less than six minutes, the material swarming with even more enraged and psychotic songwriting, and more of an ominous powerviolence approach, while stepping things up in the songwriting department and delivery on all levels. II was recorded and mixed at Mark It Zero Studios with Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Tragedy, Baptists, Code Orange Kids) at AudioSiege. The first pressing limited to 300 copies on vibrant red 7” vinyl, enclosed in the 7” is a document that function’s as a real, personal living will, in the theme of the closing track, “Tonsil.” THE COMPOUND has a special mailorder edition of the EP limited to 30 copies with the will printed on paper bag brown. [The Compound] – $7 – ORDER

LAE – Break The Clasp [CD PREORDER — RELEASE DATE 11/25] – Performing under their original moniker, LAE-TSEU, the outfit now known as LAE impacted the Quebec art and post-hardcore/emo/indie circuits in the apocalypse-ready Y2K era of the mid 1990s. In mid-2013, the band went through an incredible rebirth, completely re-envisioning their original songs with new life knowledge and a ravenous hunger to make them better than ever. To capture this soundtrack, the band contracted Steve Austin (Today Is The Day), flying him and an arsenal of gear from his Austin Enterprises from Maine to record in Ablasou’s wood shop, utilizing acoustic and electric guitars, trumpet, saws, multiple electric organs and pianos and more to capture their long-awaited full-length, fully recorded on an arsenal of vintage analog equipment. However, during the recording process, Austin ended up performing lead vocals to the entire album in addition to other musical contributions. Mastered at Austin Enterprises and enshrouded with artwork by Sonny Kay (The VSS, Angel Hair, Gold Standard Laboratories label), LAE’s Break The Clasp will finally see release. Encompassing nearly fifty-three minutes of unearthly, heartbreaking, psychedelic audio artistry, while fans of Three Mile Pilot, Swans, Sonic Youth, Unwound, Slint, Shellac and more will be instantly hooked by these tales of love, devotion and loss, Break The Clasp is an incredible experience, the record unfathomably original and unlike anything you’ll experience this year. Preorders for the eco-friendly, 6-panel spot-varnish digipak CD are now live, and preorders for the massive 180-gram gatefold 2xLP (coming in February) digital as well as digital versions will be available any day. [The Compound/Battleground] – [CD – $11] – PREORDER

View and order physical copies of our entire label roster including additional titles not listed here, including ENABLER, GODHUNTER, COP PROBLEM, DIE CHOKING, VISE MASSACRE and more RIGHT HERE.

+ Stock Updates +

ANTIGAMA / THE KILL / NOISEAR 3-Way Split [CD] – The spectacular 3-way split between ANTIGAMA (Poland), THE KILL (Australia) and NOISEAR (USA) is here to feed the grind masses yearning for outrageous noise! With 17 blistering songs clocking in around 25 minutes, this is a maximum dose of unadulterated grindcore. [Selfmadegod] – $10 – ORDER

THE BODY & THOU – Released From Love [LP] – A collaborative effort between apocalyptic/experimental doom duo, THE BODY, and Baton Rouge’s noise-soaked doom/sludge quintet, THOU, with three original tracks and a cover of Vic Chesnutt’s “Coward.” A vinyl-only release, pressed on 180-gram black vinyl with heavyweight covers and letter-pressed inserts; first pressing. [Vinyl Rites] – $13 – ORDER

BRUTAL BLUES – Brutal Blues [CD] – This Norwegian duo delivers blisteringly fast, raw, cutting-edge grindcore devastation. Fans of Discordance Axis, Antigama and other boundary-pushing tech/grind metal need to be in the know on this one. [Selfmadegod] – $8 – ORDER

CALM HATCHERY – Fading Reliefs [CD] – The third album from Polish death metal quintet. Forty minutes of utterly destructive new material, recorded, mixed and mastered at famous Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated). Fans of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Nile and Immolation, GET THIS. Imported from Poland. [Selfmadegod] – $10 – ORDER

DRUNK DAD – Ripper Killer [LP] – Want to hear what Kurt Cobain throwing the Butthole Surfers and Melvins in a wood chipper sounds like? Behold the debut LP from Portland-based fuck-you-all-wave scuzz concocters, including harsh noise specialist Redneck. 180-gram LP including a 12” x 24” poster/insert and digital download code. [Eolian Empire] – $15 – ORDER

ENCOFFINATION – III: Hear Me, O’ Death. (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) [CD] – The third album from US death/doom duo takes their seismic, claustrophobic hell to new levels of levels, adding vocal choirs, organs and other harrowing elements. Members of (Black Pentagram Cult, Father Befouled, Festered, Scaremaker, Vomitchapel, more). Imported from Poland. [Selfmadegod] – $10 – ORDER

GREY SKIES FALLEN – The Many Sides Of Truth [CD / LP] – The sixth release from from NYC’s epic death/doom quintet, a brooding and scathing blend of black, death and doom metal, here packing a wealth of crushing cross-genre dynamics into a thirty-eight minute, zero-filler album. Available on both digipak CD and black 12” vinyl with alternate cover art. [Xanthos Music] – [CD – $8] ORDER | [LP – $15] ORDER

GRIDLINK – Longhena [CD] – The swansong album from futurist grindcore outfit featuring members of Discordance Axis, Human Remains, Phobia, Noisear, Burnt By The Sun, PLF and more. Awe-inspiring, over-the-top, incredibly fast and diverse grind; features guest vocals from Paul Pavlovich of Assück. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate). Ecopak CD imported from Germany; not many of these stateside… [Selfmadegod] – $12 – ORDER

PISS VORTEX – Piss Vortex [LP] – A DISTRO EXCLUSIVE; this is the only place to get it in the US. The Copenhagen-based grinders unload debilitating, majestic filth; an abrasive amalgamation of the blastbeat-driven fury of old-school grindcore, the filthy twang of noise rock and the mind-bending intricacy of early-00’s chaotic hardcore. 12” black vinyl LP limited to 350 copies; [Indisciplinarian] – $16 – ORDER

PYRRHON – An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master [CD] – The debut album from current Relapse Records recording artist, NYC-based experimental/tech metal outfit, PYRRHON, a nightmarish blend of clanging death metal with surreal psychedelic elements, jazz rhythms, and delirious storytelling. [Selfmadegod] – $10 – ORDER

SECRET CUTTER – Self Titled [LP] – Ten tracks of ravenous Deadguy/Converge/Godflesh-inspired metalcore/sludge delivered in a corrosive, feedback-soaked Eyehategod/Khanate-inspired wall of overamplification. Black 12” LP limited to 250 copies; includes digital download. [Bethlehem Rust] – $15 – ORDER

THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE – Piling Up [CD] – The fourth album from this project of Swedish death metal madman, Roger “Rogga” Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Putrevore, Revolting, Down Among The Dead Men, Megascavenger, Bone Gnawer, etc.) and Dennis Blomberg (Down Among The Dead Men, Paganizer). Ten songs of powerful, sinister death metal for fans of Hypocrisy, Malevolent Creation and Grave. [Selfmadegod] – $10 – ORDER

UFOMAMMUT – XV [DVD], ORO – Opus Primum [LP], ORO – Opus Alter [LP], Idolum [2xLP], Eve [LP], Lucifer Songs [CD/DVD, LP], Snailking [CD] – We got a SICK resupply of UFOMAMMUT titles imported from Italy courtesy of the band’s label, Supernatural Cat. The packages included UFOMAMMUT’s brand new XV DVD with more than three hours of live footage, interviews and more, documenting their fifteenth year in existence. Also just in are copies of the band’s second album, Snailking on CD, their third album, Lucifer Songs, on LP as well as CD/DVD combo, LP versions of the band’s recent double album ORO – Opus Primum & Opus Alter, as well as vinyl restocks of Eve LP and Idolum 2xLP. [Supernatural Cat] – [XV DVD – $20] ORDER | [OROOpus Primum LP – $20] ORDER – [OROOpus Alter LP – $20] ORDER | [Eve LP – $20] ORDER | Eve CD – $14] ORDER | [Idolum 2xLP – $30] ORDER |[Lucifer Songs CD/DVD – $16] ORDER | [Lucifer Songs LP – $20] ORDER | [Snailking CD – $14] ORDER

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