GRIDFAILURE: Further Layers Of Societal Collapse Available For Free Download; Drought Stick Confirmed


GRIDFAILURE‘s Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP has infected the masses through free digital download.

With seven tracks harnessing twenty-six minutes of harrowing dementia, Further Layers Of Societal Collapse meshes the ghostly elements of dark ambient, power electronics, and industrial metal with more percussive elements and guitars than the Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here debut, thundering with confrontational and exploratory vocal wrath, all meeting on a rudderless course where anything goes. Contributions from cohorts BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot) and Pete Tsakiris reflect the first recorded GRIDFAILURE collaborations to see release, all traits that repeat heavily in the act’s other upcoming titles.

Download Further Layers Of Societal Collapse for free at Bandcamp HERE and HERE and Soundcloud HERE.

GRIDFAILURE’s recent collaboration with Walking Bombs – the Tad Doyle-mastered “Demagogue” – is playing HERE.

A limited cassette version of Further Layers Of Societal Collapse will be produced and released through The Compound Recs. shortly.

The haunted works of GRIDFAILURE are the experimental runoff of David Brenner (Earsplit, ex-Theologian, ex-Heidnik), created through the unhinged abuse of countless instruments field recording tactics. Having been incessantly recording and collaborating with an array of henchpersons over recent months, the outfit is currently completing a newly identified release, classified Drought Stick, which explores more spacious, echoing movements fit for intoxicated wasteland somnambulance, and The visionary realms of the cannibalistic Teeth Collection album continue to take shape, as well as a split cassette release with Richmond-based ambient soloist Never Presence Forever, several videos, and even more.